This is a post convention report, as I didn’t list on my blog that I was going to this one….I really need to do a better job of that in the future.

Glitchcon 2014 was held in Springdale, AR from August 1st to 3rd. I was invited last year and it was truly abysmal from the writing perspective. However, I spoke to some very nice people and met a few that I feel will likely be friends for life. So, when invited this year, I had some apprehension, but since I wanted to change up my surroundings for the weekend so that I could finish the first draft of my proposal for the next pirates book, I decided to take a chance.

When I got there,they didn’t know who I was. They didn’t have a badge for me and it was pretty embarrassing standing out in the hallway with no badge during opening ceremonies where my face appeared on the screen to mock me…LOL But, I headed to the bar to have a drink and figured sooner or later they would figure it our and if not, I would have even more writing time.

As it was, they soon figured out the problem and for the rest of the weekend they went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

The writing panels were well attended. I had three on Saturday: Collaboration, Series Writing and WorldBuilding. I was really nice to see the high level of audience participation and the high caliber of authors on the panels. No one was a jerk..that is a miracle when a bunch of writers get together. There wasn’t even the typical first time self-published guy trying to tell everyone else what they were doing wrong. It was honest, open and informative discourse all the way.

The bit surprise was that I sold all the copies of pirates I had on the table in the dealer’s room. I kick myself in the butt for not having put more down there, but at least I can say I sold out! LOL. There were actually READERS at a media/cosplay con!

Next year I think they are poised on doing breakthrough business and I am certainly going with a stack of books.

The hotel was the Holiday Inn Springdate/Fayetteville, and other than attempting to put a nuclear family of dad, mom, brother and sister into my room after I had just taken a shower—(Thank God for towels.)—the hotel was very nice. The complimentary breakfast was actually not bad and they had some good fresh fruit and bacon…although the coffee was that typically burnt crap that I can’t stand….I like it black, but not charcoaled so much I have to add evil sugar…

So, if you get a chance to attend Glitchcon do so. It seems to be growing like a weed.


Soonercon 2014 Here we come!

Soonercon 2014 is next weekend in my old stomping grounds, Oklahoma City! Gary Jonas and I will both be appearing so this is your chance to get your copies of Pirates of the Outrigger Rift signed by both of us. (I really need to send Chris McGrath, the cover artist, a copy to keep and a copy to sign and send back so that we will have the trifecta.)

Your official link to these panels and more can be found on Soonercon’s very awesome site:

Here are the panels at which I will be appearing


3pm- Your First Con Experience

The do’s and don’ts of attending a convention, where everything is, what there is to see and do, recommendations for costuming, things you should bring, any and all things that will make your con experience better. [I have no idea what to say on this
or do on this so I will likely just make a lot of dick jokes.]

4:40pm- Reading

[Any suggestions? I won’t be able to tell
any dick jokes as I would have used them up on the previous panel so maybe a
passage or two from Pirates]

5pm- Autograph Session Upstairs

Bring em if you got em…buy em if you don’t. I will have paperbacks and audio books available.

9pm-setting up the karaoke show in what they called “10-Forward” last year.

[I will have a notebook set up for fill music
requests. If I have it, I will play it when the mood is right. I
will also have a separate list for those who would like to sign up to sing
starting at 10…. There will only be a limited number of singers as we have
only until 12:30am to have fun…150 minutes minutes of Karaoke minus 30
minutes for two dance breaks is 120 minutes available for karaoke, divided
by about 5 minutes each is only 24 people who can sing. I will push as
fast as I can and hopefully we can get more…but unless we have very
little participation please don’t expect a chance to sing again…unless
one of y’all has a TARDIS and can extend a nice time bubble around 10
Forward…I’ll let you guys work out all the timey-wimey fiddlely bits.]

10pm-Karaoke and Dance party with yours truly as the KJ.

Party like a Rock Star.


11am-Humorous Horror

Why is there always someone laughing at a horror film while the rest of us cover our eyes? Panelists discuss what’s so funny about the macabre and how humor can make a better horror story. [Again, I blew my wad early on the dick jokes…so to

2pm-Reality Bites-Why alternate histories are all the rage.

Explores the alternate history genre and why fans love it so. [There must be a spy in my midst of
someone at the NSA likes my work in progress. I have never written an
alternate history, but I have one in the works so this might be interesting….still,
I am somewhat at a loss as to what to say on this one. I really don’t
read much of it.]

4pm-Yard Dog Road Show

[God knows what mayhem we are gonna pull out of our
butts this time]


12pm-Rules, we don’t need no stinkin rules!

Does it require more craft/discipline to write “hard SF” with strict physical laws; or fantasy, where you can draw your own rules of reality? [Certainly not if
I am writing it. I am the writer that refuses to tell you shit about
imaginary technology that isn’t real, because if I knew how to make a
freakin warp drive I would be a Nobel prize winner and we would have hover
boards right now!]

2pm-Magic is Real? Oh Really?

How can anybody believe that magic exists when hundreds of thousands of years of human history have left no evidence? Magic is still practiced in many religious faiths and in many cultures. Does this make it real? How so? [I
could piss so many people off on this one. I am gonna really really try
to behave. If I have a hangover I might be stoned to death for blasphemy
by a strange coalition of Christian fundies and pagans after this is over.]

BLOG-Here is a nifty freebie writer tool!

Hey everyone!

I know that I don’t post nearly as often as I should. I have been cloistered around my computer beating an outline out of my skull. Made some great progress on that, so I decided I would drop a line and share something cool with you.

Some of you who game may already be aware of this tool. It is called Autorealm, and it is a freeware mapping program. This is a pretty cool tool for those of you that like to create a map of your fantasy world to add some wow factor. Take a look at the example below. Nice stuff.

Pirates is out in paperback now, so we are hard at work on the sequel. I hope we can have a proposal ready very soon, so I had better get back to work.

Happy tales,


Link to Autorealm Freeware Mapping Program

Writin’ Stuff Update

Well, hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been on here much recently. I have been completely buried at work, then I went on vacation from pretty much everything for a week and had a heck of a time.

I went to visit my good friend and sister from another mister Selina Rosen. Got to go to Eureka Springs and hear Jimmy Markham and BB King play, then lastly had an excellent birthday celebration in Tulsa, the entertainment for which was provided by Hell’s Fringe Border Band.

I saw lots of people I know and love. But of course, my writing schedule got completely blown out of the water.

As things stand with the writing, I am still working on a book in the worlds of Carl the blues playing, Reluctant God of War…(The BB King Concert was particularly useful for research in a truly meaningful and deductible way.) I have seriously considered starting over and re-writing it in third person, however as I want to make it bigger than is currently practical with first person.

The original Carl story, Gods and Other Children, was in first person and I wanted to keep the same voice….but the limitations are considerable and I am rethinking my choice. Still not certain. I imagine I will have to take a few chapters and rework them to see how they stand up.

As far as the marketing of Pirates of the Outrigger Rift goes, we are well on our way. The paperback will be available in January…PRE ORDERS ARE CHEAPER THAN THE RELEASE PRICE…. The audio book will be available in March and just last week the editor contacted us with some questions as to pronunciation for the person directing the book….I hadn’t actually realized that there was a director as such….you live, you learn.

We also got our first royalty statement. This was for the month of September. Since the release date was September 24, I didn’t expect many sales. And, in fact there were not many sales. At first I was kinda bummed out, but then I expanded those sales numbers over the course of a year and realized that that would be an AMAZING rate of sales for that time frame. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. They tend to work on a quick rise, then slow fall to a steady level of ??? who knows. It is the same chart shape just with a different scale depending on how well the book does.

Next month’s will be more telling. In any event, I feel that the Amazon serial has been a success. The reviews have been good. The only 3 star we got was from someone who said they enjoyed it…. Nothing negative to say. Most have been glowing so I have to say I am pleased with that. It seems we hit our target market of adventure loving folk. Between the title and the cover I would hope that those more interested in “science” than “fiction” would have understood what they were getting themselves into.

I will try to keep up more regular reports, but I really don’t tend to gush much about the process till it is over. I don’t tend to talk much about a book until it is done. It seems like the mojo just sort of slips away and you end up talking it away rather than capturing the magic on paper for posterity.

Don’t expect word counts. I tried that and it was an unhealthy obsession. When I write and it is flowing I crank out a lot of pages, when I am working out problems or cutting out crap I may end up with a negative word count day. If I worry about that instead of getting the story finished I won’t ever manage it.

So, anyway. It will get done. I will post what updates I have along the way and I hope to soon have some free time to do a few smaller projects as well that I would like to put on createspace.

Wild Bill’s Birthday party tomorrow!

I am turning 50 and You are invited to attend the celebration if you like no presents necessary just your presence.

It will be tomorrow night, Wednesday November 20 from 8 till close at Mulligans the hotel bar for the Wyndham on 41st just east of US 169 between Mingo and Garnett. (Parking lot gets packed sometimes but you can park across the street and play human frogger…more challenging when leaving the club, typically)

There will be an Irish band with a punk twist called the The Hell’s Fringe Border Band as entertainment.

It is a non smoking venue since is serves food and you can also bring those under 21 but I would suggest that it won’t be appropriate for those under 16 as my friends are a bit … Well, loud and fun.

I would love to see you and I won’t hate you if you can’t attend.

…. Bill D. Allen
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Still a couple more days to get it free!

Okay, just wanted to remind you guys that TALES FROM THE OUTYONDER, a collection of my science fiction stories is free for a limited time. I am releasing this one free so that folks can check out some of my other writing during the period of time that PIRATES OF THE OUTRIGGER RIFT is still in its serial run. Although I may be releasing some of the individual stories as freebies again in the future, I doubt I will be doing this with this collection again so get it while it is still hot!


New episode! New Freebie!

Okay, next freebie will be up on Wednesday! This one is a sci-fi horror tale. Don’t let the cute bear fool you. This one is a bit uncomfortable to read but I promise everything works out in the end. This is actually in the same world as PIRATES OF THE OUTRIGGER RIFT.

It will be free from Wednesday through Sunday. Enjoy! Feel free to review!

Also the next exciting installment of Pirates of the Outrigger Rift will be released tomorrow!

Episode 3: October 8, 2013. 58 pages. Hank and Sai trade one danger for another as they leave Raken and become the quarry for bloodthirsty pirates. Meanwhile, Chandler goes undercover in search of Lord Randol’s kidnapped daughter.

Get BEAR on Kindle