Duty Calls available for pre-order!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know a couple things.

#1 – Duty Calls:The Reluctant War God Book 1 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com for Kindle.  It lists for $2.99 and is available free if you participate in Kindle Unlimited.  (I get paid for pages read under that program.)  Pre-Order it HERE

duty calls cover

duty calls cover

The Kindle version will be released on September 1.  On that date, I will also release the mass market paperback version.  (I will forward the link to that once the book is available.)

I hope to have the next in the series–War God Blues, available for pre-order by that date as well.

War God Blues

#2-  For the month of July, 47North and Amazon will have the Kindle version of Pirates of the Outrigger Rift on sale for only $1.99  Get it HERE

Pirates of the Outrigger Rift

I don’t generally google myself,and when I do I remember to wash my hands afterwards….BUT…  I got to looking for review of pirates and I found a ton of them on Goodreads.  Sure, it’s a space adventure and that isn’t some folks cup of tea, but I really think Gary and I hit the nail on the head for those folks who enjoy a fun romp.  Here are some examples:

“I must say, if I had the time and the bladder control I would have read this book cover to cover in one sitting instead of the couple of weeks I ended up taking to read it. But oh lord was this novel a ride. I loved every word in every single chapter, and this is definitely a book I will likely revisit in a few years just for the pleasure of reading it….”

“The simplest way to say it, is that Pirates of Outrigger Rift is a fun read. If you enjoy space pirates, dirty corporations, and drunken starship pilots, you’ll probably enjoy it. I certainly did. It has a nice balance of action, intrigue, humor, and even a little romance….”

“I love the characters in this book. It reminded me of Eighties SciFi in the style of old Westerns. The characters were lovable, or eminently hate-able as the case may be, and the plot is engaging and keeps you guessing. I could read another two or three books with Sai, Elsa and what’s-his-name? The drunk dude. No kiddin’….”

If you enjoy it, you can try out the sequel:  Free Trader’s Fortune   Here’s the LINK



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