Writin’ Stuff Update

Well, hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been on here much recently. I have been completely buried at work, then I went on vacation from pretty much everything for a week and had a heck of a time.

I went to visit my good friend and sister from another mister Selina Rosen. Got to go to Eureka Springs and hear Jimmy Markham and BB King play, then lastly had an excellent birthday celebration in Tulsa, the entertainment for which was provided by Hell’s Fringe Border Band.

I saw lots of people I know and love. But of course, my writing schedule got completely blown out of the water.

As things stand with the writing, I am still working on a book in the worlds of Carl the blues playing, Reluctant God of War…(The BB King Concert was particularly useful for research in a truly meaningful and deductible way.) I have seriously considered starting over and re-writing it in third person, however as I want to make it bigger than is currently practical with first person.

The original Carl story, Gods and Other Children, was in first person and I wanted to keep the same voice….but the limitations are considerable and I am rethinking my choice. Still not certain. I imagine I will have to take a few chapters and rework them to see how they stand up.

As far as the marketing of Pirates of the Outrigger Rift goes, we are well on our way. The paperback will be available in January…PRE ORDERS ARE CHEAPER THAN THE RELEASE PRICE…. The audio book will be available in March and just last week the editor contacted us with some questions as to pronunciation for the person directing the book….I hadn’t actually realized that there was a director as such….you live, you learn.

We also got our first royalty statement. This was for the month of September. Since the release date was September 24, I didn’t expect many sales. And, in fact there were not many sales. At first I was kinda bummed out, but then I expanded those sales numbers over the course of a year and realized that that would be an AMAZING rate of sales for that time frame. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. They tend to work on a quick rise, then slow fall to a steady level of ??? who knows. It is the same chart shape just with a different scale depending on how well the book does.

Next month’s will be more telling. In any event, I feel that the Amazon serial has been a success. The reviews have been good. The only 3 star we got was from someone who said they enjoyed it…. Nothing negative to say. Most have been glowing so I have to say I am pleased with that. It seems we hit our target market of adventure loving folk. Between the title and the cover I would hope that those more interested in “science” than “fiction” would have understood what they were getting themselves into.

I will try to keep up more regular reports, but I really don’t tend to gush much about the process till it is over. I don’t tend to talk much about a book until it is done. It seems like the mojo just sort of slips away and you end up talking it away rather than capturing the magic on paper for posterity.

Don’t expect word counts. I tried that and it was an unhealthy obsession. When I write and it is flowing I crank out a lot of pages, when I am working out problems or cutting out crap I may end up with a negative word count day. If I worry about that instead of getting the story finished I won’t ever manage it.

So, anyway. It will get done. I will post what updates I have along the way and I hope to soon have some free time to do a few smaller projects as well that I would like to put on createspace.


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