The first week…still moving up.

Well, Pirates came out on Tuesday. We have climbed up to #6,381 in sales rank so far. This puts us at #75 in Space Opera titles. Or course, I am still not satisfied. I want us to be number one, of course. LOL. I send an email to our 47North team and asked about their marketing plans.

Looks like we are going to be featured in context sensitive advertising on Amazon webpages. Those little icons in the margins. We will also be in some targeted marketing emails, part of the monthly “New & Notable” update sent to Kindle devices, and will be one some of the Kindle screensaver ads. Once Pirates graduates from serial to regular book they will have some other strategies in mind.

We have two interviews posted so far. But if you have purchased the book, please post an initial review! This activity shows interest in the book and actually helps folks make informed choices. (Of course, if you haven’t bought it, it will never be cheaper. Only $1.99 while it is in serial form. When it graduates to a full book it will likely by $3.99 on Kindle.)

Many folks don’t understand the serial format. You pay ONCE. As they episodes are released they are automatically added to your existing file about 50 pages at a time per week. It is meant to be a cliffhanger type adventure, like a six-part miniseries.

There is also a discussion forum to talk about the episodes as they are released so if anyone has any comments or questions, please feel free to post they there. Gary and I will be on hand to respond.

Gary and I have an interview coming up with: which is a good blog featuring author interviews, book spotlights and other interesting features.

Gary has been rocking on a couple of projects after getting my backlist on Kindle and Createspace I am now ready to start work on my next adventure for Carl the Reluctant War God. You can read the current Carl adventure in the solo novella “Gods and Other Children” available on Kindle and as part of a Double book with Tracy Morris’s “Tranquility”. In the new tale, Carl’s holy weapons of destruction are stolen by an upstart god with the help of Carl’s dysfunctional family…much to their chagrin, the new war god runs amok and they need Carl to save the day. They just can’t seem to leave him alone. The tentative title is “War God Blues”.


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