Newbies Guide to Publishing!

Hey ya’ll!

I have been talking with a few folks recently with a lot of questions about writing and such and I thought I should pass a link on about this great resource book by J.A. Konrath called THE NEWBIES GUIDE TO PUBLISHING. It is a huge, monster book! More than 1,100 pages long! It is also pretty dang cheap on Kindle at only $2.99.

It has a ton of material for new writers and I recommend it. Here is the description:

Are you a writer?

This book was written for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting your ears wet and learning your craft, or if you’re a seasoned pro with an extensive backlist. The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing contains all of the information you need to understand the writing business and maximize your sales and success.

There’s over 370,000 words of writing advice, tips, tricks, and observations. That’s more than 1100 pages. It’s the biggest book on writing and publishing ever put together, featuring hundreds of essays on the following topics:

WRITING – More than forty essays, covering everything you need to know to craft fiction.

BREAKING IN – Over forty essays on how to find an agent and sell your writing.

PUBLISHING – More than twenty essays about the publishing business, and how it works.

PROMOTION – Over fifty essays on marketing, advertising, and self-promotion.

TOURING – Extensive, in-depth details on how to do book tours and signings.

INTERNET – Dozens of essays on how writers can effectively use the world wide web.

EBOOKS – Speculation and real-life examples of digital publishing, the Kindle, print on demand, and self-publishing.

MOTIVATION – Over fifty essays guaranteed to enlighten and inspire your writing efforts.

Plus many, many more.

It also includes a foreword and several bonus essays by bestselling author Barry Eisler

Click to go see the book on


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