The New Phonebooks here! I’m Somebody!

(Sorry, that makes no sense if you are not a Steve Martin fan.)

I just make a blog entry about Phillip Drayer Duncan and I forgot to point out that apparently he did a little google stalking of us…which is cool, because he found out that 47North has put Gary Jonas and my pictures up on their author site.

Nice pic with a link to a bio. Looks cool! Here is the link to check out: 47North Author Page

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it, we got a preview of the interior design of PIRATES OF THE OUTRIGGER RIFT which is due out on September 24 (Less than a month now). It looks all spacy-wacy kewl with a slick chapter heading font and some nice design elements. We also got too look at a mock up sketch of the cover with the test title font over it. The font has a sort of phase shift feel to it which I can’t wait to share.

Any day now we will be seeing the Christian McGrath art for the cover and as soon as I have it I am going to plaster it everywhere!

Keep in touch!


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