Very cool lady and great author!

I met some great folks at Glitchon in Springdale, Arkansas this weekend. Among them was an awesome writer with a big heart named Claire Ashgrove aka Tori St. Clair. She was a fish out of water, as she was a Romance writer at a sci-fi convention, but then again we all were as the convention was much more focused on COSPLAY than writing this year. (We hope to possibly work on expanding the writing track next year and getting some promotion out there for it.)

In any event, Claire participated in the writer roundtables right along with Selina and me…and we were full on joking and irreverent as usual…and she jumped right in a laughed with us. Certainly no snooty-fied type, she is a down to earth writer with a great talent. Along with her writing, she raises Arabian horses which is almost cliché’ for the perfect romance writer. I don’t know if she has any bare chested Fabio type guys who she rides across amber fields in the golden light of the setting sun and such, but COULD BE! (OK…I meant
rides WITH)

She writes an assortment of romance books including historical which many of you might really enjoy. If you like “steamy” and erotic stuff, look for her under Tori St. James, which might be Claire on a tequila night. She has some big press stuff out there so she won’t be hard to find. If you are a fan of this type of work you will fall in love with her….of course, first you may hate her and you will have to spend the rest of the book in a series of misadventures and misunderstandings but in true romance fashion I think you will realize that you were meant for each other by the end of the story…lol

Here is a link to of her cooler titles available on Kindle and VERY REASONABLY PRICED at $1.99

Immortal Protector (The Curse of the Templars)

by Claire Ashgrove

After the brutal murder of his seraph, Iain Donnelly’s salvation is eternally lost. Damned to become a dark knight of Azazel, he can no longer embrace his immortal purpose as a Templar Knight. When the archangels send him on Sabbatical to find his faith once more, his quest leads him straight into the forbidden arms of a Benedictine Sister, whom Azazel is threatening. But this woman arouses far more than his protective instincts. He wants her as he’s wanted no other woman, and he’s willing to provoke the archangels’ fury to keep her safe.

Catherine Grady has devoted herself to the fellowship of faith and forged a path of eternal dedication to a higher calling. But when a traffic accident forces her to accept Iain’s aid, she discovers that her chosen path is not what her heart craves. Iain awakens a buried yearning to be needed and loved in a way her broken childhood denied her. As she struggles to reconcile her desires, she stumbles into the truth about her heritage, ancient secrets, and unholy danger. Iain’s immortality is all that can protect her.

For Iain, it’s an impossible choice. The archangels have decreed if he walks away from the Templar, they will reclaim his soul. Yet returning to the Order only guarantees his inevitable death…


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