WHEW! over 2400 words!

Okay, I finished the first draft of the Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair weird western story, it ended up being 4, 132 words long.

I had been slogging along slowly until I decided to go first person in Annie’s v.p. and then it went turbo.

I have sent it off to Sherri Dean for the 2nd draft and hope to have it back in a week or so for final polish.

Now I am going to continue work on plotting WAR GOD BLUES and re-writing my horror novel SHADOW HEART.

Things are chugging along nicely. I had an excellent breakthrough last night with my Hephaestus character. It is amazing, funny and I can’t wait to write it. It was like a strike of lightning and everything is perfectly in place which tells me the little writer in my subconscious mind had been working overtime figuring things out. I love when that happens.

Back to work at the day job tomorrow. New girl’s second week, moving forward with promotions, ordering headsets and computers and continuing the development of online reporting…never ending cycles of jobs. But, things keep moving forward so I am happy!


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