Okay, had a good writing day today. 2,400 words. Unfortunately, 1700 of which was a tribute to the Late Jeff Allen. I felt good writing it and honored to share a bit of his story with those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him.

However, I also put in 700 words on the Buffalo Bill & Annie Oakley collaboration that I am doing with Sherri Dean. It is a weird western and it will be the third featured story in the upcoming collect 3 ACES FROM SATAN’S HAND.

I will plod on tomorrow and hopefully finish the first draft.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Selina Rosen, the editor of Yard Dog Press and a fantastic writer. She is my adopted sister as much as Jeff was my brother. I promised to come see her soon in Alma, Arkansas. I miss her and the news about Jeff really reminded me how much I value those in my life that make it better. I need to nurture those relationships…none of us knows when it is too late.

Tonight I am going to Tally’s then perhaps have a toast downtown in honor of Jeff. Steve Pryor is playing the blues with his band at the Hunt Club. Jeff would have loved to hear him.



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